My Latest Obsession: Coconut Oil


I’ve heard of coconut oil for a very long time now, but for some reason it took me years to buy my first jar; I wasn’t really interested in trying it. Big mistake! After some researches on the subject, I have learnt that coconut oil is like 16oz of miracle in a jar; Not only […]

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DIY – Glitter Pencil Holder


Do you need a super cute pencil holder to put on your desk? Yes? I have what you need then ! I have an unconditional love for glitters, therefore this is probably not the last DIY with glitters that I will post on my blog… Anyway, if you want to know how to make this […]

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My Summer “Must Have”


Sunny days, tanned skin, frozen drinks, … We are in the middle of Summer ! Each season has its “Must Have”, so here are my Summer Must Have !         I have found this cute shorts at H&M (here) for $19.99. I absolutely love trashed denim shorts, they are perfect for these hot sunny […]

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Nice, France, July 14th 2016


I posted a facebook status and a tweet yesterday saying that I would come back today with a new post on my blog. This is not the kind of post I was thinking about. But I couldn’t post an article about a futile thing as if nothing happened in my country yesterday night. For those […]

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Time To Start New Things


The picture is from pinterest. UPDATE : I won’t write a personal development article every Monday but only the first Monday of each month.  Hello ! Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the things I could do on my blog. I like trying new things and since some of the posts you seem to like […]

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